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20 years experience in the telecommunication and healthcare/telecare industry

Our expertise and in-depth industry knowledge provide a strong foundation to develop a solution that suits your business needs

TEMOCS 20 years industry knowledge enables us to offer unique and high quality solutions.

The highlights of our experience in the industry are listed below - these unique and customized solutions as well as business activities prove our in-depth industry knowledge and understanding.

  • Development for country specific TA specifications
  • SIM Card and SIM interface development in cooperation with leading partners across Europe
  • GSM market introduction - first GSM business development in the key country Germany
  • Multimode technology GSM/DCS/DECT prototyping and field trials
  • Cooperation / expertise for establishing a standardization of telematic technology (m2m)
  • Development and product launch of Prepaid and SIM-Lock Technology
  • Mobile Gaming Technologies: device and application development and market introduction (in cooperation with partners)
  • Consultancy for product development and product / OS integration for mobile devices and smart phones
  • Product assessments and approval/certification management for various national and international clients
  • Collaboration for the market development for AAL/Telecare/TeleHealth/SmartHome